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When your marriage is in trouble, emotions may cloud rational and decisive steps toward a divorce filing. Decision-making is, at best, impaired.

Our hope is that selecting the Law Offices of Tritt & Tritt will be the first of many good decisions you make. We have focused exclusively on family law since 1991 and offer efficient representation for our clients, recognizing that financial restrictions are the rule, not the exception, for those seeking divorce.

Our lawyers prefer mediation to resolve property division and other prominent divorce-related disputes, particularly those that involve children. There is value in a couple working out matters in a cooperative environment. Taking the high road has numerous benefits, specifically reducing the potential harmful effects of divorce on children.

Putting You In The Best Possible Position

Many California residents have come to the Law Offices of Tritt & Tritt, already having met with several attorneys at different law firms. Many are surprised at how much useful information we provide before we formally represent them. We educate them on the court's principles and expectations.

A good first impression on a judge puts you in the best possible light and has a lasting effect when it comes to child support and custody agreements. What you do and do not do can make a significant difference.

In-Depth Experience. Customized Resolutions.

At our Garden Grove law office, we stay atop the latest changes in the continually evolving practice of family law. Our combination of expertise and compassion helps us tailor solutions for you and your family.

Whether you are separated from your spouse or served with papers, we will prepare you, protect your rights and navigate you through the process. Contact us at 714-453-4820 or fill out our intake form to schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation. In-office appointments are available upon request and at cost.